Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Fifties Girl

There's no time for this story.   The dishes stacked up high (again).  The garbage needs to go out.  I'm still in my sweaty gym clothes.  But it's the one I planned out for today.

I'll make it short, because I already know and won't forget this one...and you, well, if you are reading, you are jumping to the picture anyway.

I've been working hard since the first weeks of March on losing all the extra weight I've been carrying the last couple years.  First, with my nutrition and then after the weight started coming off, I added the exercise.  And I'd like to say that I've conquered all my goals and will never have to fight this fight again, but I know myself all to well.  I've been on a weight loss battle since the 6th grade.  A roller coaster...not the fun kind!  But, I can say that I'm working on health more than the looks this time.  It's not for an upcoming trip or reunion or for that pair of jeans...although those are little bonuses.  It's a day to day, making good choices, and trying to set good examples for my kids.

I have a run of great days, and then slip ups and then I try to get right back on track.  Unfortunately, it's a story we all know too well.  Being a gal in the 21st century isn't easy...and it probably wasn't ever easy!

But I have lost 45 pounds and feel pretty good in my clothes.  Yesterday I ordered a new dress...one that accentuates the curves my Grandma passed down to me...small waist, hips.  I think I woulda been a better "fifties girl" than a skinny jeans one.


KLB said...

I totally know where you are coming from ( although I have always thought you looked great). I too have struggled with my weight since I was young, or the fact that I have curves (which we can't fight). I love the idea of wanting to be healthy. There are so many reasons, 2 of which are my girls, to be healthy. Thanks for bringing that to my attention and focus.

Crystal said...

Wow, that's a lot of weight! How great for you! I am with you on the small waist bandwagon. And I think it's hot!

Stacy said...

45 pounds! Amazing!
I have finally given up the Pepsi habit I've held onto for the past many years. Hopefully my body realizes that it is not getting an extra couple of thousands of extra calories anymore and will drop some numbers for me.

Sara said...

Stef, you look amazing! I love the 50's dress & am so proud of you for your hard work & success! It's now 1/2/13 and I'm ready to start the battle again. Feeling like a few lbs need to come off for me to pull off the skinny jeans. PS--I've always dreamed I lived in a different era!