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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Henry bday continued

Daphne made this-  so cute!  

Monday, August 31, 2015

How can he be 4?!?!

Tomorrow my last baby-- my first son--- will turn four!!!

His birth was one of the most wonderful days of my life!  So much joy -  especially because 3 little girls in yellow fell in love the moment they met their brother!!!

Henry Wayne-  blessings on your nonstop moving little body full of personality!  

Lord,  help me be the best mom for this special little person!  Patience and guidance and lots of energy -  I'll take them all in buckets.

So happy and grateful I trusted that I was meant to be a mom of four!!!

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Remembering Hood to Coast 2014 - Not about running at all....

 One year ago exactly,  I had the privilege to experience Hood to Coast with my family and afterward..still on the high of the event I wrote our team this letter:

Dear family,

I just couldn't even think about writing yesterday,  as I told mike I still have no great way to put our weekend's experience into words.

I took this race on as a real personal challenge.  And it wasn't easy.  I started training a long time ago and kept you all in my thoughts with every extra push needed for each training run.  There were some tears and even bad words muttered because I had to get past some lies I believed about myself.  Really wasn't sure up to that first baton hand off if I could DO it.  

But you all helped so much. And I found that I could do it-  even if people passed me a lot��.  The fun in our van outweighed any of the challenges tenfold!  I love me some cowbell!!!!

Losing my dad and now slowly losing my mom made this weekend even more powerful because I crave mentorship and leadership.  Uncle les- you were that for me this weekend especially!  

Love you all -  stef

Not of happenstance, three of my elders - men in our family wrote me back powerful letters.  I cherished them then and now and wanted to document them here to keep forever!  
I am most proud of you because I know this was a stretch for you and I know you weren’t sure about being able to do it but I also always knew you had it in you and it was a real joy for me to get to see you conquer this personal challenge. You were awesome and I would be proud to have you on my team anytime. I love this kind of thing because the pain and hardship and the unknown draw us together like nothing else, we have to be real with each other and that is something that is way too rare these days.
As far as being a mentor or helping in a leadership role in your life or if you just want somebody to talk with, whose old and a little crazy but most importantly knows to view this world through Gods word as best I can, I want you know I am available anytime for anything you need, please don’t ever hesitate to call, e-mail, text or whatever... I know we don’t get together enough but you guys are very special to me and I love you all very much! Love, Uncle Les
Stef-- just read your email. Brought tears to my eyes. What you experienced was the joy of athletics coupled with a family connection that most people never know. When I read your words and mike's words I think how neat it is that you can instill those feelings in your kids. Someday Henry will be whacking balls into the outfield and you will swell with pride. And you will know what he feels with his teammates. Same with your girls. Soooo glad you did this, kicked some butt, and realized that those "lies" are just that.
Losing parents is hard. That safety net is gone. But the great thing about our family is that the safety net is horizontal, not vertical, as les proved to you.
We love you guys a ton and will always be here for you. Never forget that.  Love Uncle Dave
My mom's cousin Doug wrote me an amazing letter as well!! But without his permission I'll keep it to myself- but it touched me just as much!
How blessed I am!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Girls got in to Grandhaven!!!!!  Phew.  

Things are starting to feel better in my neck of the woods.

Thankful to all my friends who seem to love me despite my imperfections.  And especially my hubby who carried this house in August!  

And since only Julie Jessi and mike are reading this-  I owe ya!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Taking a break from Facebook.

I think I'm ready to get away from Facebook for a variety of reasons-  time,  insecurities,  comparisons and plain addiction.  

I probably spend more on their than quality time with my kiddos?!?!  I dunno.  But I told a friend that I'm giving it up for a year.  

Now I will have to make sure to visit Grandma Barb a lot more often to keep her in the loop-  but isn't that better anyway?  

I had a great weekend away and some things became crystal clear as they tend to do with distance.  

I love this poem dad wrote that I found in the beach house guest book.  Love that he found writing as therapeutic as me and this is possibly the only thing I have left where he wrote my name.

Can you imagine the last time your parent writes your name?  So special.  

Gonna replace Facebook time with some prayer,  dates with my kids and blog time!  

Yahoo.  It won't be easy at first but hoping it will be healing.  



Friday, August 14, 2015

Older yet weaker?

I thought wisdom and confidence came with age.

Or that hard times make us stronger?

How come I feel so weak?

Is it like a good workout ?  We feel tired and sore first -  muscles torn down and need rebuilding.

I'm counting on that today.  

This month sucked.  I feel guilty saying that.

Moms settled- alls hopeful.  Why am I still feeling exhausted and a bit sad.

I'm thinking September is gonna rock!!!!!  

Like this kind of joy!!!  

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Henry's funny-ness

Henry is definitely the one saying the funniest things around here!  Here's a few to document -  as I'm sure I will forget!

1) Girls were getting ready to go to McCall for a week and Henry goes "daph, I'm gonna miss you...." Daphne thinking her brother must love her so much to say such a darling thing replies, "oh Henry,  why are you gonna miss me?"  And then startling all of us with this response he bluntly states, "cuz I can't wipe my butt!"   Bahaha

2) driving by a nearby field and seeing all the geese out in the middle Henry points and goes "mom look at all the baby dinosaurs".  Cute right?

3). He and I were having a mommy son date at the zoo recently and the scorching heat led us to the snow cone shack.  It looked so yummy I asked if I could have a bite and he goes sure.  So I said "thank you so much buddy" to which he replied " don't mention it".

He also likes to dress stylish and over all makes us laugh and adore him!  

We are still in awe that God gave us a boy after all those girls!!!!  He's a real blessing and so fun!