A Mayflower's Musings

Sunday, November 27, 2016

In the periphery....they were there.

I've been writing so much about my mom's battle with dementia, my grief, my struggles with feeling like me again ... that with a magnifying glass on my struggles I haven't sufficiently given credit to all the surrounding blessings.

And I tend to be hard on my self-  constant guilt for possible wrong doings, precious time lost and you name it-  I've felt bad for it.  So I'm not gonna spend a lot of time reprimanding myself for writing so many sad pieces lately or for wallowing a bit.  It's just what I've needed to do in order to rise from the ashes.  In fact I think sometimes in our society we don't grant people enough grace in hard times-  and any moments of mental illness.  

Americans have so much pride in "living the dream" ... that we feel bad when despite the concrete blessings around us we don't feel like we are "living the dream".

In moving on I want to paint a happier picture of my life and soul.  Today I want to say thank you to two people who took me in as a daughter 20 years ago even before my wedding to their son ... they have loved me well.

I can't even list how many amazing things they have done for me, my babies and my existence.  Not even sure how to do this justly....

Thank you for your firstborn son-  he is my everything.

Thank you for financial gifts that set us in a good path initially as a married couple but of late kept us afloat in hard times.

Thank you for creative parties, nurseries, cakes galore, meals, gardens, horse rides, vacations, trees planted in grand babies names, prayers, letters,  special Christmas anniversary, and souvenir gifts!

Thank you for being at both of my parents' funerals and helping with the kids when I needed time to heal.

Thank you for coming to the kids' plays, concerts, games and grandparent days...

For the hugs, the calls, the security that you offer.


I'm so grateful that I have you both-  your love for me is not ever taken for granted.  I hope I will always make you feel loved and appreciated.  All that I've given to my parents last years and days-  I will someday give to you.....As you are part of my heart forever.  


Sunday, November 20, 2016

Baby making years


I love this picture!  It captures the heart of some of my favorite years.  I anticipated that season of my life for so long... always a baby lover ...always dreaming of meeting my children.

Here we have Daphne and Maisie but still dreams of two more-- ruby and Henry were waiting their turns in heaven above.

Cole was Meghann and jons only boy at that point -  with two more to make their appearance in later years.

There's curly haired max and sister Emmy in les' belly.

So much joy right there and so much joy just waiting in the wings!

And my sweet mother in the middle of it all-  healthy and so proud of her growing brood.  She was a book giving, story telling, swing pushing, toy buying grandma.  

Happy days!  

I'm sad to be way past those special days of being a mom of littles and yet I know I wouldn't be strong enough to go back and do it again.  And I know there's so much more life to be lived. 

Friday, November 11, 2016

Daphne Doodle

I'm behind in my daily November thankful list!!

Over and over I'm thankful for my eldest-- her heart and her love of family!

These are a few of the notes she's left us in the last few months....


I've always felt like if I was ET she was Elliott.  Lol.  It's a bond that requires great care and responsibility.  She feels all my feelings and I feel hers.

I love you Daphne Doodle!

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

What will the children remember about elections 2016?

Yesterday Daphne shared our family's political views with her ride home from gymnastics.  When she told me I shamed her. Honey that family wasn't voting like us-  you shouldn't have said anything at all.

Today when she gets home I'm going to apologize.  I've been so conscious of keeping my mouth shut and not hurting anyone else's feelings that I'm forgetting that I should be teaching the kids that it's OK for us all to disagree.

I've been on Facebook today and it's ugly.  So ugly. And it's been ugly at school I hear too.

This country is still a gift no matter our leader.  We still have freedom to make so many wonderful choices that affect our sphere of influence.

I'm gonna keep raising positive,  loving,  thankful children whom run with the life skill child at their jog a thon instead of trying to beat everyone else,  who play guitar with the elderly neighbor across the street,  who send all their money to Mexico and find out it paid for 3 days of a newly drug free person's healthy food and life,  who send their teammate's hurt mother a few pizzas to feed their family,  who trust in God that tomorrow we will still be living in a safe and luxurious country.

America The Beautiful


Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Today was WILD

I am so thankful to be in my bed with my 3 girls watching Dave-  an inspirational comedy about the White House....

Totally with help I was able to be a working mom.  I taught kindergarten at Maisie and Ruby's school.  It took a lot of organization and energy!

First I had to get the troops up and running this am and to school -  with mike on a fishing trip I got creative.  I hired a sitter of mine to take Henry and Daphne to school after I left with r and m at 7:35.

I was running late to school so I walked into class WITH my unknown Kinders!  I didn't know they get to enter the room 5 min after sub teachers arrive!!!  

And it was off to the races.... there is no time for reading sub plans with 5 and 6 year olds-  their activities are teacher led and hands on all day!  No independent work on their part!  And the snot.... one girl showed me a buggar on her finger and asked if she could put it in the trash!  I said yes and then poured purel on her hands. They cry a lot and tell substitute teachers everything we do wrong!  

But so cute---- and I made it thru!

Then after school I had Ruby go with a friend so she could get to gymnastics at 330.  Maisie stayed with me and helped me trace turkey parts for an upcoming art project.  

Daphne walked to my cousin charity's house where Henry was already safely playing since her husband Dan picked him up from preschool.  Poor dan got a lecture intended for me -  since I acccidentally included peanut butter in Henry's lunch-  something in his lunchbox  for after school....

Maisie informed me that she had a milestone herself when we got into the car after my job.
I went to drop her off at our house so she could have something to eat but saw that the appliance man was still there -- so instead we went to plaid pantry for a snack.  

Next we went to Charity's to grab Daphne and Henry.

Then we went home so daphne could change for gymnastics.  There was a note from the appliance man saying that the dishwasher was not fixable after all and now there was old dishwasher water (it's been broken for 3 weeks) leaking all over my hardwood smelling like kingdom come.

With no time I took daphne to grab her friend Megan down the block and on to gymnastics.  I grabbed Ruby and we were off to the pharmacy and our favorite sandwich shop.

Home to eat..... 

That's about it....

Oh yeah- lots of being a mom and watching a show with my girls and waiting anxiously for bedtime!

And thankful that I made it thru a day where I operated as a bad a** working mom-  no dishes or laundry done today but still I gave back to my family's finances and to 18 kindergarteners day.

My favorite moment was when a little girl was not ashamed to tell me she got her coat at a yard sale.  And when she shared the family project she obviously did all by herself.  I'm so proud of her!  

If she can take one day at a time I can too!

Thank you to my little elves!!!!  Even Amy who took Tate out to go potty!  Man I have an army! 

"Only in America" - joe Harper 


Sunday, November 6, 2016

Thankful for....

Trolls movie.

Ruby snoring next to me.

Rocking Henry tonight.

Reading Anne of Greene Gables to Maisie Jo.

Wiping tears off of Daphne when she got 70% on her math quiz homework today and said her teacher would be mad at her.  He better not!!!!!  

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Not the typical blessings list....

I know it's typical on Facebook and in all other forms to write our blessings in terms of things that blessed US.

Please allow me to flip it around a little and know I remain humble at heart.  This is just a story how God used me to bless someone else.

Yesterday-  late afternoon- I pulled into a coffee drivethru not typical of  my travelings.  I needed something extra to get me thru a late Friday evening. 

I struck up a conversation with the young girl serving me.  I asked her if she was in school -  she looked young. She said she had been but then she had a baby and now she was working and going to chemeketa for a class or two.

I questioned my desire to give her a very big tip since we are trying to stick to a budget and I sometimes find myself trying to feel better in this season my buying things for others.

So I settled on a nice but not too nice tip. And drove away.  

Then this morning  I went back to the same spot because mike didn't make coffee as usual and I was in that same area dropping off kids for a class.  

She said I'm so glad you came back. I wanted to thank you for that tip.  I wasn't supposed to work last night and I had to get a sitter for my baby.  It was really slow and your tip made all the difference.

I realized that that time I wasn't giving to make someone like me more or to make me feel better -  it was a true God prompt.

I told her that my daughter Daphne was a great sitter and I wrote down our number for her... she has a 7 month old.  

It felt good to bless.

I am thankful to feel like a vessel being used here.  Sometimes I've thought recently that if I didn't have a family to care for I'd as soon not breathe in and out anymore.

But I have worth in so many ways.

My thankful list today is that I may have been on HER thankful list.