A Mayflower's Musings

Friday, March 27, 2015

I use Facebook to admit guilt.

I realize it.  

I keep it in check-  I think.

But this morning I'm missing it.

Yesterday I was negligent.  And it was pure lazy.  I was a bad mom and there can be no refuting that claim.  But I need to shout it the world.

My children got burnt.  And it breaks my heart this am.

I've learned my lesson-  moving on....sorta....

I'm sorry girls!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

So much to be thankful for...

Mike took a whole day off (in the middle of the work week)

Whole bunch of healthy kids.

Friends doing life together....


This great Pacific Northwest!

And this one is worth repeating-  whole bunch of healthy kids!!

Pulling back into mcminnville right now with sandy feet, chapped skin,  hungry tummies and happy hearts!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

This ones for Steve!

To me a hero is someone who comes to your rescue and doesn't ask why you are in the predicament you find yourself.

When we are stuck we don't need a lot of questions,   we just need help.

On Saturday,  I found myself in such a fix.  I barely made it into Sunriver with my vehicle.  In Bend the engine light came on and it didn't want to go as the light went from red to green.  I slowly pulled into the closest parking lot and let it rest- saying prayers. Luckily when I turned it back on it seemed okay.  We made it into sunriver resort -  but in the last hills up to the house it started to sputter again.

Now -  everyone was out and about when we arrived accept my cousin in law -  Jill's dad-  Steve.  Now imagine the dad of one of your best friends later in life.  You don't have a lot of years of memories but you've been at birthday parties and dedications and seasonal gatherings together and you know he's one to count on!  

I explained my worry.  Something was wrong.  He jumped into action!  Checked out my oil situation-  no oil was showing up on the stick thing.  (Seriously I don't know much). So he rode his bike to the nearby store and got oil.  He put it in and still no oil registering on that stick thingy.

So now he says he's gonna drive it to Bend and get the oil changed and see what's going on.  He's gone for a long time.  Come to find out he waited in a line for 1 hr and 30 min..... Only to still not be waited on so he went to the 2nd shop.  They changed my oil and put a lot in-  for some reason my van is losing oil.  He paid for it and brought it back problem solved at least temporarily.  

I had no cash on me- so as soon as I could get some,  I went to hand him what was owed him.  But he wouldn't let me pay him.

My hero!  Not once did he make me feel like a stupid girl driver and there was no question about me taking up his vacation time.  He just saved the day.

I may have cried a little when he told me  and I quote "it made me feel good to do this for you-  don't take that away from me" when I tried to give him the cash.  And he probably doesn't understand exactly why cuz I was in no state to explain.

Every since my dad passed away and mom got sick I feel a real appreciation to anyone that shows me some nurturing.  I figure we all like to feel taken care of every once in awhile.

So in honor of Steve -  make sure to be a hero to someone soon.  No questions asked just lend a hand.  Be a blessing.  
Steve,  I know my dad was smiling down from heaven thankful that you stepped in and that you made sure his grand babies were safe too!

(Precious cargo)

In honor of you I am boycotting red sauce and chicken combinations!  (Inside joke)


Monday, March 23, 2015

Snow morning in Sunriver!

We woke up to an inch of snow in sunriver today!  The kids were so excited!  We hadn't brought snow clothes along but there was enough at the house to go around.  They had fun playing for awhile -  snow angels and forts -  until it melted fairly fast and they came in for cider and cocoa!

Then the group divided into skiers,  movie goers and swimmers.  I led the swim team which comprised of two 3 year olds and my assistant daphne.  Froze in the pool again today!  

Jill and I made Mexican food and now we are all around big screen tv watching some basketball game that I don't care about.  

Supposedly more snow tonight...
Having fun not doing the norm and letting the kids get a ton of exercise!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Road trip spring break '15

On our way to sunriver -  just me and the kiddos!  Van is full of stuff and we have the new barbie movie playing!  Fueling up in silverton before the big trip...

Here we come Shane and Jill and kids!

The driver.

The passengers 

We may scare the others on the road!!!

Friday, March 20, 2015

Just me

Last summer mike and I got to go golfing alone and there was an abandoned barn nearby!  We jumped a fence and took a couple pictures....I just found them on mikes phone.  I was a few holiday pounds lighter -  running a lot those days getting readu for hood to coast.

This is good motivation to get those pounds off-  feel a little better in my own skin!  

But also a good reminder to take some pictures of ourselves amongst the ones of the kids!  

Thursday, March 19, 2015

all in day

Yesterday my post never published so today I'll be having to do two-  if you are one of my 3 readers enjoy!

When I picked up mom for her day with me there was a guest accordian player and the little old ladies were dancing-- so sweet!

Along w mama here ruby and maisie had their girlfriends over to play-  ms fin and ms macie.  Lots of giggles and tent making!

Beautiful sun for walks, selfies and trampoline play!

Dinner guests -  cousin charity and her fun family-   7 kids in totale!

And then the drive back to newberg to take mom home.  Did I mention Im exhausted today?