A Mayflower's Musings

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Halloween weekend!

We have had a fun Halloween.  I'm finding its getting much easier.  I remember when the girls were all small and wanted special hair and makeup and it took me hours to get them ready.  Now they can do a lot of it by themselves and well,  boy costumes are a SNAP!  Superhero bodysuit and mask-  done!!!!

We had our friends the arzners over for pizza and I didn't end up getting any good pics.  Hoping Julie did. The weather was horrid.  Complete monsoon!  We all got pretty damp even with a lot of umbrellas!

It was a very exciting weekend!  Here's some pics from the kids harvest parties, Daphne's showcase, Maisies last game, and costumes all the last two days' occurrences.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Inspirational Sunday for raising Girls

This idea has been brewing for a long time:  
They are finally old enough that I'm not worried about a choking hazard.  There are now two brushes tied by ribbon to fixtures in the girls' bathroom and they each have own tied in their room as well.  

Tired of us owning gobs of brushes and never being able to find even one!


Saturday, October 24, 2015

While I held down this fort...

Mike and his team were building this cute home for this special family! 

Mike said they were so excited to have running water and light.

Every time we turn on a light or faucet today in our homes let's pause and give thanks for our privileges.

This morning I'm most thankful for my friends that helped me this week.  It wasn't like I was in crisis or anything and Lord knows I fall into the poor me camp way too much.  But it was indeed a long 7 days.  Lots of special moments with my babies and lots of "let's not remember that moment" with my babies.

Now,  off to burn some Lucky Charms (yes Mike I bought them lucky charms this week) off at the gym.  I caved this am.  Maisie made me feel better by telling me that one of the marshmallows is healthy.  What?!  I don't know.  I'm calling them fuel this am.  And then to assist in coaching the above mentioned daughters wet soccer game!

The floors maybe dirty when you get here babe. The fridge may or may not be full.  But we are so excited to hug you and welcome you HOME!

Thursday, October 22, 2015

If rubys a diva I'm....

I'm not super mom....

I cancelled on her today.  Grandpa Mike took Henry for the day unexpected.  I need this day alone so much and if I go to the school midday,  it means I won't get the full peace and quiet I need.

Also I don't have it in me to straighten my hair and look pretty.

I am sitting at Grandhaven feeling guilty.  I just ordered a yellow rose-  doesn't that mean peace offering?  And a balloon that says "I'm sorry".  And sent it to the school for her.

Oh dear Lord please help them understand that I'm so human and I can't do it all.  

Thank you to the following I individuals who have kept me afloat this week.  You are my team!

Dan Ackerman
Julie Arzner
Deb Zollinger
Stacie shaver
Jessi landwehr
Chad Barnett
Kyle shaver
Mike riddle sr
Jayne mercer 

I owe you!  

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Lunch with Ruby comes with guidelines

Yesterday eve,  Ruby,  who was having a rough time,  goes "can you come have lunch with me tomorrow?"

I say sure!

She goes,  "can you not go to the gym?"

I'm thinking what is this little one getting at...

"Do you not want me to come in my gym clothes?"  

"No,  and I want you to straighten your hair."

So,  not willing to give up my favorite class today,  this am I told her I can surely have lunch with her,  but I will be in workout clothes most likely.  But if she wants I can come tomorrow and I won't be in gym clothes.  Hair straightened -  the whole works...

Without missing a beat she says "come tomorrow!!!!"

Really people -  how bad do I look in my gym clothes.  I guess my appearance matters a lot to my girls.

It's very interesting ....

My little diva!  I wish you could see how hard I work in the gym so occasionally I can get dressed up and look good and feeeeeel good!  Tomorrow I'll rock that cafeteria!

Monday, October 19, 2015

His mercies are new every morning!

Last night my friend sent me this picture on her evening jog.

We were both having an OFF day.  And I was reminded of how thankful I am that God gave us night.

Clear the slate.  Start again.  With my personality I definitely need new beginnings every morning.

The sun went down on an imperfect Sunday and the sun rises on new opportunities to try again this Monday!  

And Henry started my morning off with more laughter.  I said "buddy today is a school day" "you get to see Kort". To which Henry casually responded, "nope he's getting married today"

And then he proceeded to go out to the front porch to pee,  where I found him e pants down looking at the black sky and whispering.  "I'm wishing on a star for ninja wings"

May your Monday feel new. Ninja wings and new mercies!!!

Saturday, October 17, 2015


Tonight I'm at our office with Mike.  Daphne's at home watching the kiddos,  so I can spend a few hours at least in Mike's presence -  even if we aren't talking much.  He's typing away and getting every little detail in order for next week,  as he wont be here.  He will be in Mexico heading up the building of a home for a family there and visiting some little orphans that smile big at their American visitors.

Hopefully the company-  our little company that Mike started when Daphne was born will be able to operate without him here.  It's tricky when there are no substitutes for him.  Usually he can go a week -- but he will come back to 1000 texts emails and calls.  Some problems will arise and it will take him 2 weeks to catch up!

I'm so proud of him-- sitting here watching and reflecting on this journey.  It's been a whirlwind to say the least or should I say a roller coaster -  one that has had more down slopes than up!  

Recently hasn't been much different.  We thought the economy had changed and the up slope would stay for awhile.  But then some bad misfortune or was it learning curves hit hard.   These occurrences left me,  if not him,  wondering for the first time if owning a business was indeed the American Dream for us!  In the last 3 months we've had two different employees completely shock us in ways I can't even write about because I wonder if legally it's the right thing to do.  Also, two different clients turned out to be so vicious that Mike's integrity and character again was attacked.  Don't even mention the financial ramifications all this.

But how does a husband, father and dreamer keep getting up at 330-4am day after day trying so hard to build houses, build relationships, build a business that will bless not just his family but hopefully Gods kingdom when he keeps getting cut down?  I don't know.  And yet he does-  relentlessly with passion and a hope that things will get a little easier.

Recently a friend told me that it's the "first generation" of business owners that endure the fire.  I hadn't even thought about that and my pride soared. She knows first hand from her father's journey-  sweat and tears for 3 blonde babies and a young mom trying to hold a family together.  That comment fueled me.  Ours is a first generation business.  

No cookie cutter brand purchased.  No bigger company out there sending employees or insurances or paid holidays.  This is trailblazing work my husband is doing.  I know I couldn't do it-  I'm too weak.  I don't have the drive, guts or common sense to do what he does.

All I hope is that I can keep the children growing strong and happy.  That there will be a few hot meals and some clean underwear available for all each week.  

Thank you honey for all you do and no matter what happens with Mike Riddle Construction -  I will forever know you gave it your all week after week!  

Now go build that house in Mexico for people that will appreciate it far more and for far longer than any client you have come across.  You are a good and faithful servant.