A Mayflower's Musings

Thursday, October 1, 2015

This heart.

Recently I was driving with this beauty and somehow our conversation led to comparisons.  In a completely honest moment I admitted that I wished I was as fit as ------- ,  as organized as -------- , as Godly as --------- ,  and as talented as ------------.

Without missing a beat she answered "but mom then you wouldn't be you".

That's the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me.

Still working on my best but trying to keep it in the "me realm".

Daphne recently was offered a lead role at another Gallery production-  thankful she already knows what she loves to do and gets the opportunity to do it here in our very own community.  And for free!!!  
She comes alive on stage!  

Praying everyone can see a glimpse of her heart.  It's so sweet.  

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

I love Miller Woods!!!

Fun, tiring day for all these kids!  

On the go with messes behind.

The pace we live in this season ....
Gives me tummy aches and makes me cross.

Go go go -  especially lately.

Waiting for the school bus to arrive here at the field trip destination.

Hard to leave the dishes, laundry,  beds,  and piles of chaos behind.

If only I'd gotten up at 4am with Mike-  but I couldn't even open eyes at 630am--

I could have been paying a sitter for this whole day for Henry to catch up completely at home.  But instead I'm paying a sitter all day to spend in Gods creation...probably what I need much more!!!!!

Don't wanna miss this beautiful sunny day and holding Maisies hand on the trails at Miller woods.

Good choice mama.

Someday I'll have all day to do the dishes or maybe I won't -  maybe I'll be back at work.  But either way I recognize that 
These days are fleeting.

The days of their youth and them wanting me here.

So cobwebs and dirt just stick around a little longer.  You ain't no thang!

Precious life is....

(There's always after they go to bed,  right?)

Sunday, September 27, 2015

What Maisie is like at TEN!

Maisie has been all about Paris for way over a year now.  I'm not sure when this all began...or how she somehow convinced her grandparents to take her to Paris sometime in 2016.  I feel like she has art or baking fabulous treats in her future.  

Maisie is a really good soccer player but she likes gymnastics even more at present.  I love watching her do both.  She has a strong lean muscular build- I don't know where she comes from.

She moves the furniture around in her room about every month-  which I know she gets from me.  It's annoying and cute at the same time.  

She loves to read but I wouldn't quite call her a bookworm because she likes to do a lot of other things as well-  like drawings and creating and constantly MOVING  so her nose isn't in a book much more than her homework requires.  

She attempts to wear makeup more than daphne ever does.  I'll catch her with mascara on every once in awhile and have to remind her to ask!   

She shares a room with Henry and they do fairly well together... Although he's way too messy for her liking.

She likes routines like being the first one up every morning,  having cold lunch everyday,  making sure all homework is perfect and a prayer and kiss from mom every single night.

I miss this baby,  but we've come so far in our relationship I'm choosing to sit in the present and be blessed.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Happy 65th birthday mama...

Happy Birthday Mommy---

Trusting God that He knew what he was doing when he took away these things from your future,  but because candles are wishes and wishes are dreams,  here are what I had wished for you:

1) a big retirement party,  where all your old students came and many other respected educators cheered your career-  because in a season you were the best teacher in Newberg!

2) your first trip to Hawaii, Europe,  and wherever your heart wanted to travel.

3) Rainy days where all you had to do was snuggle up and read one of your beloved books or Bible by a fire eating caramels and sipping coffee!

4)  beach trips with your sisters...

5) days where you came and watched Henry so I could volunteer in the kids classrooms and your help on days like today when I have to clean my house for Maisies party...

6) cheering on max in his amazing football Saturday's 

7). Listening to Cole  play the piano -he's amazing mama!

And more and more days with your quick wit,  funny jokes and selfishly, your servant heart that saved me a million times from the hard days of mommyhood!

All my love, just rest and eat cookies and candy...we are making you a cake today! 

Stefaroonie a loonie toonie

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Throw back Thursday....

I only took belly pics with Maisie's pregnancy.... Prob because I gained the least with her and felt okay with Becca taking these for the records.

As we approach her 10th birthday,  I'm so glad I have these.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

I just wanna pee

Today I hid away in the bathroom to -  ahem,  pee....alone.  And yes,  I was on my phone looking for something.

Henry started to cry and open my door - doorlock is broken.  So I let him come in. 

While I finished my business on my phone I looked away for just a second. And when I looked up.... Bam!

Man- he's fast! (He's crying because I told him I was going to show this to his daddy)

I just wanted to pee....